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Unlock iCloud Activation Lock from any iPhone / iPad

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How to Remove iCloud Lock on Iphone Without Password?

All Apple devices come with advanced security features that ensure safer use and privacy safety. You can easily trust on their security feature because the safety loops are negligible in their iOS firmware. That’s why you can rely on it. If you are using an Apple iPhone and you use the iCloud ID, then you have to be careful. In case of forgetting your iCloud password, you are stuck with the device because you are not able to reset.

In case you have logged in your iCloud ID and forget your password, then chances of getting into your iOS devices are very low. In such conditions, you can follow the below-mentioned methods, which will let you get access to your locked iOS device without using a password. Let’s get started by following the below-mentioned tips –

  • In order to bypass the iCloud activation lock for iPhone (4S to 11 pros), you have to enter the iCloud details. If you can’t remember the ID, password, or any other critical information, then reboot your iPhone.
  • Start by choosing your language, Country, and other details. It will take you to the activation lock. It will show the required iCloud ID. It is most likely to be mentioned in star form where the first and last letter is visible to take a guess.
  • Now, there are plenty of tools which let you install the firmware again. Keep it in mind that you choose the reliable platform to install the latest firmware. And do not forget to go after a reputed platform to avoid getting into any kind of issue.

After considering these details, you are able to get rid of all the issues with ease. There are many other options which can help you unlock your iPhone without Password.

Resetting Password

If you know that shown account in the detail is yours then you can get rid of several issues with ease. Head over to and then you can find plenty of options there. Click on forget password or account. If you can’t recall your account then it is important that you enter the mobile number that you used for the activation.

Using the same details will let you know about the account because it will sent a code as well as it will let you know about the ID. If you forget the password, you can know about that password. Apple Send a code to your device, it can be in any form, you can prefer call as well as text message. Both are highly reliable to consider to get rid of all the issues.

Bottom Line

These two are simple methods and any of these doesn’t work then Apple customer support can come in handy and they will let you know, if they can unlock your phone or not. It is all about credibility. If they believe that this device is yours and you have all the details to prove then they can unlock your device.

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